Alright Rockers and Rockstars!!! Can some one please tell me why being an adult is so freakin' exhausting?!?! Hell, being a mom and wa...

A Love for Ink and Needles

Alright Rockers and Rockstars!!!

Can some one please tell me why being an adult is so freakin' exhausting?!?! Hell, being a mom and watching my two year old (two months and one day she'll be three!!!) awesome little mini spawn ( her latest nickname that I fully mean with love!!!) run around non stop for 18 hours through out the day WITH NO NAP, is just exhausting. And add on all the fun adult things that go along with it. Plus, as an adult, it seems, when you have to do one thing, they all must happen at the exact same time. For example dealing with some issues with school, while looking for a car, and that nasty little ER trip last month. Soooo long story short, this Momma Rockstar is stretching herself silly!!!!!!! But like every girl I have my thing that is relaxing, just mine is a little bit different. While most girls head to the store for some shopping therapy or to the salon for a nice Mani- Pedi, I like to head to the tattoo parlor and get a new piercing or tattoo!!

I promise on all that I believe in, for as long as I live in the DMV Ely Wick will be the only one touching my body with a needle! Be it for a tattoo or a piercing or two!!And since I finally got to relieve some of my pint up stress with a recent new piercing and schedule my next date under the needle, its time to look upon why I love Ely oh so much!!!

So June 20th was tattoo day and of course I was a little bummed out I wasn't going under the needle, but like i said, didn't stop me from snapping a few pictures of my friends going under the needle. Usually they don't like cameras in while the artist are working, but Ely is freakin' awesome and kinda loves us!!! Plus when I got my tattoo with her, she was pretty cool about my little spawn sitting back and watching. Of course later on when we went home and said spawn started to draw on her self with a pen to be like mommy and her friend, I decided she should skip this tattoo trip and hang out with grandma!! Plus trying to distract a toddler for about five and half hours wouldn't have let me get as many pic's.

Prep time!! Since my friend had gone first, and we missed most of his by running to the mall for some quick munchies and a little shopping, his cousin and my part time body guard was cool enough to let me get some pic's and use them!! Now prep time is the usual, cleaning the area, getting the supplies ready, mental getting in the tattoo zone, and with Ely switching on the IPod to some awesome music with really great beats!! And of course she plays a little bit of everything from Dub-step to Rock to Rap! As long as it has a good beat for her to be in her zone she pretty much likes it, and we get a few songs to add to our own playlist! But considering this one was gonna be about three hours he had his own beat zone to get  lost in.

Now since I have a love of tattoos and piercings you already know that I love to watch tattoo shows as well as look up cool tattoo artist and their work on Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter. Lately some of them that I see will have a really wicked sketch and transfer, but come to final needle work the sketch looks better, or the tattoo needs to be touched up soon after it's been done because the work is already fading. Ely's work is the opposite! Her sketch maybe lacking a lot of details even if she goes in with a pen or marker to touch stuff up but once she puts the needle to your skin that tattoo comes to life!!

Now again during his tattoo session we had a what was suppose to be a "quick" trip to the mall for some "light " shopping. But hey it's a mall, what feels like five minutes turns into an hour!! So I missed quite a bit of the outlining for this tattoo, but did came back in time for the shading a final touches!! And Ely is a perfectionist!! You are not leaving that chair until both of you are absolutely happy with the finished results! If she notices something that even you don't notice, she wont hesitate to clean you up a little bit to get a clearer view that fix whatever she feels is out of place.

I absolutely love Ely!!! She has pierced me twice and tattooed me once and I have another appointment set up with her later this month and seriously can't wait to be under the needle with her again!! She's taken my sketches and tweaked them, putting her spin and slight signature into them!! Something she does with pretty much everyone. Have an idea or a sketch, bring it to her and let her work her magic and you will be amazed!!! Just have a picture and an thought in your mind, you'll be twice amazed!! If you want a piercing she's also absolutely amazing with those as well!! She's good at keeping you comfortable, calm, and of course happy!! So if you're ever in the DMV and want a great tattoo that you'll be in love with check out her work here, or by clicking her name anywhere you see it in the blog! All the information about the shop Pride and Glory and how to get in touch with her as well as more pics of her work is on the site!

Now come on, is that finished product sick or what?!?! Despite just getting pierced yesterday I'm seriously itching for the needle again already!!! May the next two weeks fly by with out much adult hassle and stress, my school start successfully,may I get a decent working car soon, and may more blog post go up at least weekly!!! Oh, and if you're curious as to how the whole at home waxing thing work out, I'll gladly pay someone 60$ to wax and torture me because these at home microwave kits just suck!! 

*sigh* all this talk of tattoo's has me ready to sketch out the next few that I want! Have I mentioned I want a total of 13 tattoos and 13 piercings?!?Yes, I know I have problems but hey, I'm not your average girl!! So don't forget to check back Wednesday next week for another blog post because I've actually got some in store!! Rock on and Rock out Rockstars!!!

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