Hey Rockstars!!! Yes, my last blog was just a little bit spastic but in due time you will soon understand it all..... But for now lets go ...

Hey Rockstars!!!

Yes, my last blog was just a little bit spastic but in due time you will soon understand it all..... But for now lets go play with some beauty stuff!!

So around late summer of last year some major names in the Youtube beauty game announced that they were going to be doing a monthly subscription of beauty items. Being a huge fan I of course subscribed to it despite being subbed to Birchbox and Glossy Box at the time. Since it was still in its infancy at the time I wasn't that impressed compared to what I was getting already with my other monthly subs and quickly unsubscribed after three months. After awhile, and I had stacks of sample size items that I wasn't going through quite fast enough, I cancelled all of my subscriptions all together. Yet come 2013 and it seemed not only had MyGlam changed it's name to IPSY but they'd stepped up their game all together!!After getting on the pesky waiting list and actually getting a few bags I was impressed enough to share!!!

At this point in time I'm pretty sure almost every girl who watches youtube or reads a blog knows what Ipsy is, considering it took a month and a half to get off of the waiting list, so I won't even get that far back into it. This month theme was pretty cute even for me considering I'm not the hugest fan of animal print, I think it was more of the lime green zipper and the fact that the bag closed on the side instead of the traditional top of the bag. But the goodies inside had me even more sold!!!!

When I first opened my bag the first thing I pulled out was the dry shampoo and seriously just looked at it for a good second. Being a girl of color, you don't hear much of girls like myself using a dry shampoo. But then I realized, this is so what I need for my straight hair stretches and oh boy was I right!!! This stuff was awesome for me!! I used a little on my roots and brushed it out and was able to style my hair like it was still the first few days of my hair being straight instead of coming up on a week and two days!!

As for all the make up goodies...it's summer and I need a nice cream blush, which is what my NYX item is and I love the color on my skin tone. Just a fresh pink that is great for a natural light summer look. The purple gel eyeliner is also great considering I love to switch things up!!! I love how smooth it glides on and it's staying power so far (just from testing on the back of my hand, I'll keep updated about it!) The lip color I received I'm still playing with a good way to use it considering I either wear nothing on my lips or a bright red, but I'm sure once I find some other glosses and lipsticks to play with I'll figure something out. Now the glitter... who doesn't love glitter (other than cleaning of course -_-)!! It's perfect for just about anything your mind can think of!!! Plus the card that comes with the bag has some great discount codes on it for things like 15% off and more!!!

So if your wondering if all the hype over the revamped formally MyGlam and now Ipsy is worth the short waiting list...the answer is FREAKIN YES!!! 10$ a month is perfect if you just want some new stuff to play with and test out with out wasting a whole bunch of money. Go sign up now while the wait list is gone!!!!

Now I'm off to do some personal torturing ( bought and at home waxing kit and I don't see it ending all that well), as well as plan for watching a friend of mine go under the needle for another tattoo and continue to debate another piercing for myself!!! See you soon Rockers!!! Rock on and Rock out!! (pray for me!!!)

Heyllo my awesome Rockers!!!! Long time blah blah blah!!!! Not even going to get into that just gonna say WHATS UP !!! I MISSED YOU!!!!!!!...

Heyllo my awesome Rockers!!!!

Long time blah blah blah!!!! Not even going to get into that just gonna say WHATS UP !!! I MISSED YOU!!!!!!!

So anyways as you can see there has been quite a few changes to the blog as of recent, and not to mention my never seeming adventure of a life (but thats for another blog!!!), and as we speak I'm still in the process of revamping and adding things to it and changing it a little more each day!! So if you have any ideas, tips, or tricks don't hesitate to send them my way!! I'd greatly appreciate them!!!

Now on to the post!! It's Monday world!!! And we all know how much we love Mondays....or pretend to! Mondays do bring good things though! Like Mani Mondays!!!! I didn't do my nails today since I did them Friday night but that doesn't mean I can't show you them!!!!

So a few months back when I was skimming through post on Facebook (because thats all I honestly do on it anymore) I saw a picture of someones nails and thought they were freakin AWESOME!!!! Since I was on my phone I took a screen shot and forgot bout it for months... So when I was cleaning out my phone not to long ago I stumbled across it again and couldn't wait to try it out with NO NAIL TOOLS!!!

How do you do this you ask?!?! Actually it's pretty simple. All you need is 2 nail polish colors, here I used Miliani's Black and Essie's In the Cab-ana. You also need something to pour the nail polish onto and a tooth pick and bobby pin with the round tips. Paint your nails like you normally would, choosing one to be the "statement" or opposite finger. Now taking you statement color, place a small puddle onto your paper plate or whatever and using the end of the bobby pin make a few random sized dots in random spaces. When you feel you have enough of those switch to the tooth pick and do the same until you are satisfied with the outcome! For your statement color switch and pretty much do the same and thats it!!! Easy as pie......ummmm pie.... now I'm hungry!!!

Well thats it for this post Rockers I hope that you enjoyed this quickie and check back Wednesday for my Ipsy blog post!


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