Hello my rockers and rock friends!!! The time has come, the walrus said, to say good bye to February and hopefully all of the random days of...

Where are thou spring oh spring?!?!

Hello my rockers and rock friends!!! The time has come, the walrus said, to say good bye to February and hopefully all of the random days of cold, rain, slush, and snow it has brought!!! And yes, that walrus reference was totally an Alice in Wonderland line (if you've ever read the full stories!!) and was totally thrown in there thanks to my new late night insomnia obsession with the hot, sexy, quirky, and totally drool worthy actor Andrew Lee Potts for his role in the Syfy version of Alice as well as his role on the British television show Primeval!!! Just something about him totally gives me the tingles and smiles.... BUT that's totally not what this blog is about!!! On to the grown up things....as if!!

If you remember I had a giveaway last month and a winner has been chosen!!! Congrats to Thi Lan all the way in Germany!!! Go check out her blog cause I'm totally hooked on her fashion sense and WISH I had the courage to rock those killer heels!!

Now, despite this past month being super cold, with it's bi polar days of a wonderful sixty degrees followed fast on the heels by a day of that evil white stuff from the sky known as snow, this month was pretty full of fun and awesome things!!I've found a few new blogs that I love to follow and read (of course in-between work, school, and entertaining Rotten R who will be in upcoming blog post!!) and can't wait to share with you. Also had a pretty awesome Valentines day celebrated with "Mommy's friend" as Rotten R likes call him and her of course!!! Plus my best-friend drove up to spend the weekend catching up with me and my pint sized demon in pig tails!! And did I mention all the new cool awesome goodies I picked up through out the month?!?! No? Really? How silly of me!! Here they are!!!

Sometime around the beginning of the month M.A.C released not only a new collection, but stuff I was interested in considering I haven't wanted anything since 2011!!! So I totally caved and had to check out the Archie Collection and grab something!!! I picked up the Pearlmatte face powder in Flatter Me and a Lustre lipstick in Oh, Oh, Oh!! Lighting was kinda crap so here's the pretty pretty packaging!! And yes 50% of the reason I bought this was because I loved the packaging!!!

Now everyone has an addiction and one of mine is reading!! I love books and own more than what I know what to do with! I'm serious!! I need a new bookshelf but I'm holding off for the time being!! Soon you'll learn why!! As for these two, I've been eying The Modern Mom's Memory Journal just because the idea and concept is sooo awesome!!! Basically it makes you take note of totally random and off the wall mom things that end of the long crazy day just make you smile!! As for the Don't Sweet the Small Stuff for Mom's I've also been eying it for awhile and saw it at Barnes and Noble on Valentines Day, where part of "our" date was spent so that Rotten could run off some energy! I only had a coupon for one book so I passed on it and got Demon one instead!! Luckily the next day TJMaxx had it for 3$!!!As an additional gift "mommy's friend" got it for me!!

Did I mention I have a tiny itty bitty addiction to books ?!?! No? Well, yes I do!! I saw ThatsHeart post about them on her blog so of course I had to go check them out for myself!!! Since I've decided to get back into writing more these were AMAZING to find!! I have another notebook to go with one of my other obsessions but I'll save it for another blog post. And those little Thank You cards are awesome to give random notes of affection and just to make someone smile!!

I think by total accident I've picked my "bright" color for the spring and summer since my go to color is forever and always will be black!!! Some how mint just is amazing to me!! Cute and simple with out being...overly girly I guess!! I'm not a fan of pink much at all(don't even buy it for Rotten R unless its hot pink mixed with black and has some type of skulls on it!!) But what I love even more about this scarf is the fact the pattern isn't just paint sploshes, as I though at first, it's actually skulls!!! How freaking awesome is that?!?! Here's an upclose of it!!
So as you can see, February was pretty darn awesome to me! Though I'm sad to see it go I'm looking forward to March, St. Patrick's day, the first of spring and all the fun and adventures I can get myself into!!! Thank you my awesome rockers and I hope February was just as great to you! If it wasn't just keep smiling and remember, you always need a bit of rain to make a rainbow ;) Cheesy, I know but hey, with St. Patty's coming up you never know whats on the end of that rainbow!!Rock On, Rock out and check back to see whats in store next!!!

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