HAPPY NEW YEAR MY AWESOMELY FANTASTIC ROCKSTARS!!!! Yeah I know it’s almost the second week into the New year and basically about six m...

NEW YEAR, NEW ME,NEW GOALS...oh look a giveaway!!!


HAPPY NEW YEAR MY AWESOMELY FANTASTIC ROCKSTARS!!!! Yeah I know it’s almost the second week into the New year and basically about six months since my last post. Precious has been a bad girl she has!! Very bad girl!!!(Just watched The Hobbit last night!!! A very good movie surprisingly for me considering I still have not sat down and actually watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy!!) But honestly this so called thing we know as life decided it was going to rain down a thunderstorm of trials, tribulations, shitake mushrooms, fig newton’s, lemons and limes, and stale candy corns on my little struggle!! And yet I PREVIELED!!!..... Okay enough of the craziness!! Honestly a lot did happen last year that kept me EXTREMELY preoccupied. Little things like major issues at my job that caused me to quit and find a new, not as well paying  or hour giving job, big big things like Toddler R falling from the kitchen chair and fracturing her wrist, spending a month in a cast up to her arm pit that she proceeded to beat the mess out of me with in her sleep -_- And of course the cup of de soup, my poor car which had seen me though my pregnancy, my water breaking, driving me and my now  rotten but then extremely sweet new born cross country from Texas to where  I am now ( a three day thing may I add!!) finally passed away :( Even though a lot of people were just saying “Oh get over it, it was such an old car and needed to go” it was an extremely saddening experience and extremely stressful considering I didn’t have the means to just run out and by another car and now had to depend on other. Which of course did not make me very fun to blog about, or give me the time to for that matter.
But thankfully now it’s a new year and I’ve set small goals and I’m slowly reaching each and every one of them!! Of course one of those main goals is of course to start blogging more and maybe possibly even start a corresponding YouTube channel!!!!Yes, I’m still a part time student and plan on switching to a full time student in the fall AFTER a few other major plans that yes include a new car!!!! But in the meantime let’s keep this short and sweet!! To celebrate a new year and a new series of blogs to come its time for a little giveaway!!!! The rules are very very simple!!! Follow and comment on the blog something you’d like to see!!! If you like, tell your friends and they can tell their friends!!! The more the merrier!!! And considering I’ve got an OVERLOAD of things since I’ve finally decided to stop hoarding stuff and buying it because it looks pretty  I’m going to be giving it away!!!! Make up, clothing and purses and whatever my busy little mind can come up with!!! So here’s the give away!!!!!

First Item is a bracelet from BCBG.

Second Item(s) Bronzer set including 2 illuminating bronzers, a matte bronzer and a shimmery bronze eyeshadow.

1.    Must be subscribed to my blog!! (duh!! )
2.    Must be 18 or older OR have parents permission to enter.
3.    In the comments of this blog post tell me what kind of blogs and videos you would like to see.
4.    Smile and have a rockin day!!!


           As you can see their will be two winners and this giveaway is open for one week January 13, 2013 until January 20, 2013!!! Have fun and don't forget to rock out!!

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