Hello, Hello, Hello my awesome and wonderful Rockstars!!!!How have you all been?!?! Yes, I know I vanished for a long long long time. No I...

It's been a really really messed up ...Well Hello there!


Hello, Hello, Hello my awesome and wonderful Rockstars!!!!How have you all been?!?! Yes, I know I vanished for a long long long time. No I was not locked in a tower by some evil step witch who wanted my long gorgeous locks!! And sadly neither was I hiding on some exotic island with hot sweaty men, shining in tanning oil handing me drinks in coconut shells and changing dirty diapers……… And I’m back!!! Sorry went off to a nice little fantasy there!! But anyways I was saying, if you know medieval time and how they’d quarter people with horses… that was basically going on in my life but instead of four horses it felt like there was about twenty five horses for every free appendage!! Thankfully Bath and Body Works had their semiannual sale and I stocked up on ALL the stress relief products that I could!  !! Yeppie!!!NOW….enough of my daydreaming and trying to bum you out with my boring life and let’s get into this post!!!!
So slowly this week I’ve been trying to get back into my “swing of things” and forcing myself to actually wear some decent clothing and make an attempt with my overall appearance and below I will show you three of those attempts!! Don’t judge me!!! Lol Enjoy

So Tuesday the 10th I had some adult business that I had to take care so I wanted to dress pretty smart, and of course finally wear my Maxi dress from Forever21!! It's a basic black lace maxi dress with a "slip" underneath of the same color. Considering the weather was in the 90s I believe this kept me pretty cool and able to catch the occasion breeze!! The necklace is also from Forever 21 its just an arrow head with the fake blue stone on a brown cord of leather! When I went to my meeting I originally
 had a brown belt to accentuate my waist but this picture was taken after my nap :)

Wednesday I wanted to be a bit brighter since I'm known for hiding behind my blacks, grays and whites. So I paired this bright orange bat winged shirt I got at Ross a while back with some basic black shorts and my favorite sneakers from my last outfit post. Jewelry I kind of kept to a minimum with my BCBG black SINGLE bracelet and some home made black and orange stack able bracelets! 

And since Mini Me was coming with me to pick up W.I.C and get her bananas fix in I wanted her to match me a little bit!! She's wearing a Hello Kitty shirt she picked out at Target and a bright neon yellow skirt also from Target!! I L-O-V-E the skirt as much as she does and just think its prefect for little people her size!! Fun and bright just like her!!

Now for the last outfit! FRIDAY, FRIDAY, GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY!!! Yes, I listen too and like that song a lot!! But yeah Friday I had to take my sister to pick up her paycheck and just hang out for awhile since we don't get to lately which of course actually translates to = MALL TRIP!!!! Yet, amazingly neither of us really spent any money. The jeans I got at Wet Seal, and if you shop there often and haven't signed up for the 10% of discount card you are pretty crazy!!! The shirt is from Ross and is a crop top, off the shoulder BUT since I was bogged down by so much drama the past month and a half I stopped working out and didn't feel all that comfortable showing off my stomach and just wore a basic racer back black tank top underneath!. My earrings are from D.E.B.s and they came in a pack of 3 with a green and blue pair as well.!!

For my other jewelry I wore my BCBG pink TOUCH love bracelet and three homemade stack able bracelets with my silver chain that I basically never really take off.

Now this picture looks kind of deceiving. Like I'm the one that is poking her with the finger stick BUT in fact she was MAKING ME poke her with the finger stick!!! lol She really was!!

Thank you sooo much for checking out my blog you totally cool Rockstars!! And don't forget to check back this upcoming week for another awesome post, and intro to a new mini series of post I have in mind and of course a giveaway!! So until next time Rock Out!!!!oh and this last picture cause I love my little stinky!!! 

Have a great rest of the weekend!!!

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