Alright Rock Stars!!!       I'm back!! Okay WE are back!! As I said in my introduction blog, it's sadly not all about me. I'm ...

Meet My Mini Me

Alright Rock Stars!!!

      I'm back!! Okay WE are back!! As I said in my introduction blog, it's sadly not all about me. I'm kidding but now I want you to get to know my little one a bit!! So say hello to Toddler R!!!!!

      This is my little busy body toddler, sometimes called Lightening bug, Mini, Little one, and so many other names( and a lot of times the cats name by different member of my family!! ) Here she is outside "hunting" our family cat pandi and showing off her cute outfit of the day. (No I didn't get her to pose, I was just lucky enough to get her to stay still for long enough to get a front picture of her outfit!!) If you are wondering about her outfit, everything was purchased from Target for like 5 to 6 $, (this is the one I was saying likes to throw things into my cart while I'm in that store!!)

      As you can see from this picture above she LOVES to read!! And sometimes I think she really is reading because she looks so serious staring at the words on the pages!! And just like mommy she can't just read one book at a time, but all of the books she can pull out, which is why all of her books are on the bottom self of our book self!!

      Another picture of us "hunting" the cat!! If you look closely you can see said kitty in the plants!!!

      In our front yard my mother has planted a lot of really pretty flowers, and at some point little one was helping. Now that they are all blooming and showing how pretty they can be little one loves to come out and smell them! Or scream at the bugs messing with them!!

      And of course the candid shots of her doing things she's not suppose to, like messing with mommy's computer and emailing who knows who!! Some days I think she's on the spam bots payroll and is one of those people sending out spam emails to people because she is always typing like mad when I catch her!!Other times me and my mom think she is hired by some military people to make up impossible codes!! Why do we think this?? Have you seen those shows where the computer peoples screens are black and green code is just running across?!?! Yeah, that's my computer sometimes when I get it back from her -_-

     Alright, speaking of little one, we are heading out now to take a story time class at our local library!!! Hope you enjoyed this quick post and as always don't forget to Rock Out!!

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