Hey World,                 My name is Rhavyn Tru and I’m addicted to fashion, beauty, make up and hair, YouTube gurus and Blogger...

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Hey World,
                My name is Rhavyn Tru and I’m addicted to fashion, beauty, make up and hair, YouTube gurus and Bloggers! My addiction personally began at a pretty low and depressing time in my life and was one of the few things that kept me going through the day to day blahness. Every few months while watching a video or discovering new gurus, part of me was always saying “This looks so easy, fun and relaxing. It looks like the prefect thing for me to get into!! I could do this!!” Oh and I could do one part really really well, which of course was dropping money on some product I didn’t realize how to use or know what in the world it was for before hiding it in the back of my make-up drawer and then throwing it away a few months later. I mean lets be honest those girls and guys can be some really good sales people on products!!
Just Me!
                So now that a few years have passed and a lot of things have changed in my life I’ve found that I want to give this beauty/health blogging and YouTube thing a serious try. Why now? After almost four years of just watching why now?  Well the answer for me is pretty simple; I just want to be someone that young ladies and women can relate to as well. I’m a single mom to a beautiful, but very busy toddler, a full time worker, and a college student, and none of the beauty gurus that I currently follow are the same! I know that there are many moms out there younger then myself and even a little older that sit at home with their little ones watching YouTube videos thinking to themselves “Oh yeah you can do that perfectly, I want to see you do that with a kid in your arms!! Ha try that –insert favorite guru here_” I mean come on just imagine that if you can really quick!!Your favorite beauty guru wrestling a 18 month old while trying to do their make-up and keep said child out of their make up!!I want to be that guru/blogger!!
                Now just because I’m talking about make up doesn’t mean that I will ONLY talk about make up on my channel and blog. I want to talk about the other things too that first time moms can relate to or want to learn from. Favorite baby products, what you do and don’t need, how to raise your baby while living with others, patience,(how to find it, keep it and use it) and soo many other things that I’ve discovered on my journey of being a mom. When us moms go out in public, it’s always about the baby, the little ones and you smile happily and proud, but I want this to be about BOTH!! Being a mom I know how much that can be needed!
Signing the window @ our Favorite store
                Thanks for taking the time to read this!!If you want to know some more about me check out my bio and pictures of me and my little Toddler R below!! Now lets Rock Out!!!

Me just hanging with Rugrat R!   

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