Hello, Hello, Hello my awesome and wonderful Rockstars!!!!How have you all been?!?! Yes, I know I vanished for a long long long time. No I...

Hello, Hello, Hello my awesome and wonderful Rockstars!!!!How have you all been?!?! Yes, I know I vanished for a long long long time. No I was not locked in a tower by some evil step witch who wanted my long gorgeous locks!! And sadly neither was I hiding on some exotic island with hot sweaty men, shining in tanning oil handing me drinks in coconut shells and changing dirty diapers……… And I’m back!!! Sorry went off to a nice little fantasy there!! But anyways I was saying, if you know medieval time and how they’d quarter people with horses… that was basically going on in my life but instead of four horses it felt like there was about twenty five horses for every free appendage!! Thankfully Bath and Body Works had their semiannual sale and I stocked up on ALL the stress relief products that I could!  !! Yeppie!!!NOW….enough of my daydreaming and trying to bum you out with my boring life and let’s get into this post!!!!
So slowly this week I’ve been trying to get back into my “swing of things” and forcing myself to actually wear some decent clothing and make an attempt with my overall appearance and below I will show you three of those attempts!! Don’t judge me!!! Lol Enjoy

So Tuesday the 10th I had some adult business that I had to take care so I wanted to dress pretty smart, and of course finally wear my Maxi dress from Forever21!! It's a basic black lace maxi dress with a "slip" underneath of the same color. Considering the weather was in the 90s I believe this kept me pretty cool and able to catch the occasion breeze!! The necklace is also from Forever 21 its just an arrow head with the fake blue stone on a brown cord of leather! When I went to my meeting I originally
 had a brown belt to accentuate my waist but this picture was taken after my nap :)

Wednesday I wanted to be a bit brighter since I'm known for hiding behind my blacks, grays and whites. So I paired this bright orange bat winged shirt I got at Ross a while back with some basic black shorts and my favorite sneakers from my last outfit post. Jewelry I kind of kept to a minimum with my BCBG black SINGLE bracelet and some home made black and orange stack able bracelets! 

And since Mini Me was coming with me to pick up W.I.C and get her bananas fix in I wanted her to match me a little bit!! She's wearing a Hello Kitty shirt she picked out at Target and a bright neon yellow skirt also from Target!! I L-O-V-E the skirt as much as she does and just think its prefect for little people her size!! Fun and bright just like her!!

Now for the last outfit! FRIDAY, FRIDAY, GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY!!! Yes, I listen too and like that song a lot!! But yeah Friday I had to take my sister to pick up her paycheck and just hang out for awhile since we don't get to lately which of course actually translates to = MALL TRIP!!!! Yet, amazingly neither of us really spent any money. The jeans I got at Wet Seal, and if you shop there often and haven't signed up for the 10% of discount card you are pretty crazy!!! The shirt is from Ross and is a crop top, off the shoulder BUT since I was bogged down by so much drama the past month and a half I stopped working out and didn't feel all that comfortable showing off my stomach and just wore a basic racer back black tank top underneath!. My earrings are from D.E.B.s and they came in a pack of 3 with a green and blue pair as well.!!

For my other jewelry I wore my BCBG pink TOUCH love bracelet and three homemade stack able bracelets with my silver chain that I basically never really take off.

Now this picture looks kind of deceiving. Like I'm the one that is poking her with the finger stick BUT in fact she was MAKING ME poke her with the finger stick!!! lol She really was!!

Thank you sooo much for checking out my blog you totally cool Rockstars!! And don't forget to check back this upcoming week for another awesome post, and intro to a new mini series of post I have in mind and of course a giveaway!! So until next time Rock Out!!!!oh and this last picture cause I love my little stinky!!! 

Have a great rest of the weekend!!!

Alright Rock Stars!!!       I'm back!! Okay WE are back!! As I said in my introduction blog, it's sadly not all about me. I'm ...

Alright Rock Stars!!!

      I'm back!! Okay WE are back!! As I said in my introduction blog, it's sadly not all about me. I'm kidding but now I want you to get to know my little one a bit!! So say hello to Toddler R!!!!!

      This is my little busy body toddler, sometimes called Lightening bug, Mini, Little one, and so many other names( and a lot of times the cats name by different member of my family!! ) Here she is outside "hunting" our family cat pandi and showing off her cute outfit of the day. (No I didn't get her to pose, I was just lucky enough to get her to stay still for long enough to get a front picture of her outfit!!) If you are wondering about her outfit, everything was purchased from Target for like 5 to 6 $, (this is the one I was saying likes to throw things into my cart while I'm in that store!!)

      As you can see from this picture above she LOVES to read!! And sometimes I think she really is reading because she looks so serious staring at the words on the pages!! And just like mommy she can't just read one book at a time, but all of the books she can pull out, which is why all of her books are on the bottom self of our book self!!

      Another picture of us "hunting" the cat!! If you look closely you can see said kitty in the plants!!!

      In our front yard my mother has planted a lot of really pretty flowers, and at some point little one was helping. Now that they are all blooming and showing how pretty they can be little one loves to come out and smell them! Or scream at the bugs messing with them!!

      And of course the candid shots of her doing things she's not suppose to, like messing with mommy's computer and emailing who knows who!! Some days I think she's on the spam bots payroll and is one of those people sending out spam emails to people because she is always typing like mad when I catch her!!Other times me and my mom think she is hired by some military people to make up impossible codes!! Why do we think this?? Have you seen those shows where the computer peoples screens are black and green code is just running across?!?! Yeah, that's my computer sometimes when I get it back from her -_-

     Alright, speaking of little one, we are heading out now to take a story time class at our local library!!! Hope you enjoyed this quick post and as always don't forget to Rock Out!!

Hey Rockstars!!                 So after my first blog post my mind went crazy!! I was suddenly swarmed with all these ideas for new pos...

Hey Rockstars!!
                So after my first blog post my mind went crazy!! I was suddenly swarmed with all these ideas for new post and searching for tag videos to do on YouTube so that you guys could get to know me better!! And of course being the Sagittarius I am I pretty much started them all at once and got totally side tracked with this awesome allergy season, my little monster cutting a molar which is TOTALLY, COMPLETELY, and UTTERLY destroying her sleep schedule (mine as well, and TV does not help because there are no good shows on at 3 am.), and of course my pesky little work schedule.         
                Since I’m in the process of organizing my busy little mind and editing the things I’m working on I figured I’d give you guys an Outfit of the Day, just so you can see my sense of style (or no sense of style as I’ve been told by a few!! )

                  So basically me and little one had to run errands that day, which translates to " I went to Target to get two things and ended up walking out with over 10 items!! I find this happens a lot more when she is with me then when I go alone..... I think I'm going to have to watch her next time we go in that store.. Now this is a basic outfit for me! Jeans, sneakers, and something over top just cause!! Honestly the jeans I have no clue where I got them from. I've had them since high school and towards the end of my pregnancy they where the only pair that fit me! Tank top is from Wet Seal with there five for 20$ deal. Now if you are like me and shop at Wet Seal a lot then get the discount card!! It's very very much worth it!! I use it every time I go in and it takes off about 20%. Yes you have to pay for it but depending on how much you spend the day you get it, it pretty much pays for it's self! So twenty bucks to save 20% every time you shop after that is a STEAL boys and girls!!!


          This is just the back of the outfit!! Once it gets warmer out, and yes the weather is warming up nicely, I like to show off my tattoo a little more!!Mind you i still need to get one part of it fixed :(. As for what we were looking at is a funny story!! I lived in Hawaii for a long time and if you ever visited or lived there then you know they have no squirrels! So of course when we moved back to the "mainland" I kinda had an obsession with them!! I was basically that dog in the Disney movie every time I saw one, pausing and pointing out the squirrel. Oddly enough my whole family is like that...including as you can see my little one!!!

         Now, last but not least MY SHOES!!!!! Lately it seems to be pretty important to have a "good shoe game" (if anyone knows what that means please explain it to me in the comments below!!!). If you see my shoes then you know for a fact that I do not have it!!! These sneakers, or high tops I think, are the first pair of sneakers that I've bought myself since I left Hawaii back in 2007!! I'm in L-O-V-E with them!!! They are so comfy and causal to wear and they go with everything almost (duh Rhavyn, they are black!) I know they usually run pretty expensive but I got them for such a good deal at Foot Locker and I'm going to tell you how to do the same!!! You know when they tell you that you should go home and do whatever is at the bottom of the receipt and they highlight it in some bright color? Most of the time we just roll our eyes and toss the receipt somewhere never to look at it again?!? Well from here on out DO NOT THROW IT AWAY OR FORGET ABOUT IT!!! Those things are usually coupons that you can go back and use later!! Mine was 20% off!!! It's about five minutes to go online and answer the questions about your shopping experience. Don't have a computer then call the number and do the same thing. At the end they give you a code that you write on the receipt (and store in your phone and in your wallet and anywhere else just in case your rotten little mini gets into your purse and eats said receipt!!) Now you pretty much take this code back to the store and get your discount!! BUT, please check the date that you can use the code for, some sales associate's just want the good review and will tell you "oh yeah you can use it tomorrow," and you go in and you can't use it to next month. CHECK IT BEFORE YOU USE IT!!!

        Alright my Rock Stars, that pretty much it for today's post! I originally hoped this would be a bit of a filler to keep you coming back for more (cause come on my little one is cute right?!?) But I actually got to give you a little bit of a money saving tip for Wet Seal and Foot Locker!! In no way shape or form am I sponsored by these stores and nor was I asked to do this post for them! This mommy makes and saves as much money as I can  so I just wanted to share a quick tip of how!! Now enjoy the rest of the day and don't forget to Rock Out!!!

Hey World,                 My name is Rhavyn Tru and I’m addicted to fashion, beauty, make up and hair, YouTube gurus and Blogger...

Hey World,
                My name is Rhavyn Tru and I’m addicted to fashion, beauty, make up and hair, YouTube gurus and Bloggers! My addiction personally began at a pretty low and depressing time in my life and was one of the few things that kept me going through the day to day blahness. Every few months while watching a video or discovering new gurus, part of me was always saying “This looks so easy, fun and relaxing. It looks like the prefect thing for me to get into!! I could do this!!” Oh and I could do one part really really well, which of course was dropping money on some product I didn’t realize how to use or know what in the world it was for before hiding it in the back of my make-up drawer and then throwing it away a few months later. I mean lets be honest those girls and guys can be some really good sales people on products!!
Just Me!
                So now that a few years have passed and a lot of things have changed in my life I’ve found that I want to give this beauty/health blogging and YouTube thing a serious try. Why now? After almost four years of just watching why now?  Well the answer for me is pretty simple; I just want to be someone that young ladies and women can relate to as well. I’m a single mom to a beautiful, but very busy toddler, a full time worker, and a college student, and none of the beauty gurus that I currently follow are the same! I know that there are many moms out there younger then myself and even a little older that sit at home with their little ones watching YouTube videos thinking to themselves “Oh yeah you can do that perfectly, I want to see you do that with a kid in your arms!! Ha try that –insert favorite guru here_” I mean come on just imagine that if you can really quick!!Your favorite beauty guru wrestling a 18 month old while trying to do their make-up and keep said child out of their make up!!I want to be that guru/blogger!!
                Now just because I’m talking about make up doesn’t mean that I will ONLY talk about make up on my channel and blog. I want to talk about the other things too that first time moms can relate to or want to learn from. Favorite baby products, what you do and don’t need, how to raise your baby while living with others, patience,(how to find it, keep it and use it) and soo many other things that I’ve discovered on my journey of being a mom. When us moms go out in public, it’s always about the baby, the little ones and you smile happily and proud, but I want this to be about BOTH!! Being a mom I know how much that can be needed!
Signing the window @ our Favorite store
                Thanks for taking the time to read this!!If you want to know some more about me check out my bio and pictures of me and my little Toddler R below!! Now lets Rock Out!!!

Me just hanging with Rugrat R!   


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