Alright Rockers and Rockstars!!! Can some one please tell me why being an adult is so freakin' exhausting?!?! Hell, being a mom and wa...

A Love for Ink and Needles

Alright Rockers and Rockstars!!!

Can some one please tell me why being an adult is so freakin' exhausting?!?! Hell, being a mom and watching my two year old (two months and one day she'll be three!!!) awesome little mini spawn ( her latest nickname that I fully mean with love!!!) run around non stop for 18 hours through out the day WITH NO NAP, is just exhausting. And add on all the fun adult things that go along with it. Plus, as an adult, it seems, when you have to do one thing, they all must happen at the exact same time. For example dealing with some issues with school, while looking for a car, and that nasty little ER trip last month. Soooo long story short, this Momma Rockstar is stretching herself silly!!!!!!! But like every girl I have my thing that is relaxing, just mine is a little bit different. While most girls head to the store for some shopping therapy or to the salon for a nice Mani- Pedi, I like to head to the tattoo parlor and get a new piercing or tattoo!!

I promise on all that I believe in, for as long as I live in the DMV Ely Wick will be the only one touching my body with a needle! Be it for a tattoo or a piercing or two!!And since I finally got to relieve some of my pint up stress with a recent new piercing and schedule my next date under the needle, its time to look upon why I love Ely oh so much!!!

So June 20th was tattoo day and of course I was a little bummed out I wasn't going under the needle, but like i said, didn't stop me from snapping a few pictures of my friends going under the needle. Usually they don't like cameras in while the artist are working, but Ely is freakin' awesome and kinda loves us!!! Plus when I got my tattoo with her, she was pretty cool about my little spawn sitting back and watching. Of course later on when we went home and said spawn started to draw on her self with a pen to be like mommy and her friend, I decided she should skip this tattoo trip and hang out with grandma!! Plus trying to distract a toddler for about five and half hours wouldn't have let me get as many pic's.

Prep time!! Since my friend had gone first, and we missed most of his by running to the mall for some quick munchies and a little shopping, his cousin and my part time body guard was cool enough to let me get some pic's and use them!! Now prep time is the usual, cleaning the area, getting the supplies ready, mental getting in the tattoo zone, and with Ely switching on the IPod to some awesome music with really great beats!! And of course she plays a little bit of everything from Dub-step to Rock to Rap! As long as it has a good beat for her to be in her zone she pretty much likes it, and we get a few songs to add to our own playlist! But considering this one was gonna be about three hours he had his own beat zone to get  lost in.

Now since I have a love of tattoos and piercings you already know that I love to watch tattoo shows as well as look up cool tattoo artist and their work on Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter. Lately some of them that I see will have a really wicked sketch and transfer, but come to final needle work the sketch looks better, or the tattoo needs to be touched up soon after it's been done because the work is already fading. Ely's work is the opposite! Her sketch maybe lacking a lot of details even if she goes in with a pen or marker to touch stuff up but once she puts the needle to your skin that tattoo comes to life!!

Now again during his tattoo session we had a what was suppose to be a "quick" trip to the mall for some "light " shopping. But hey it's a mall, what feels like five minutes turns into an hour!! So I missed quite a bit of the outlining for this tattoo, but did came back in time for the shading a final touches!! And Ely is a perfectionist!! You are not leaving that chair until both of you are absolutely happy with the finished results! If she notices something that even you don't notice, she wont hesitate to clean you up a little bit to get a clearer view that fix whatever she feels is out of place.

I absolutely love Ely!!! She has pierced me twice and tattooed me once and I have another appointment set up with her later this month and seriously can't wait to be under the needle with her again!! She's taken my sketches and tweaked them, putting her spin and slight signature into them!! Something she does with pretty much everyone. Have an idea or a sketch, bring it to her and let her work her magic and you will be amazed!!! Just have a picture and an thought in your mind, you'll be twice amazed!! If you want a piercing she's also absolutely amazing with those as well!! She's good at keeping you comfortable, calm, and of course happy!! So if you're ever in the DMV and want a great tattoo that you'll be in love with check out her work here, or by clicking her name anywhere you see it in the blog! All the information about the shop Pride and Glory and how to get in touch with her as well as more pics of her work is on the site!

Now come on, is that finished product sick or what?!?! Despite just getting pierced yesterday I'm seriously itching for the needle again already!!! May the next two weeks fly by with out much adult hassle and stress, my school start successfully,may I get a decent working car soon, and may more blog post go up at least weekly!!! Oh, and if you're curious as to how the whole at home waxing thing work out, I'll gladly pay someone 60$ to wax and torture me because these at home microwave kits just suck!! 

*sigh* all this talk of tattoo's has me ready to sketch out the next few that I want! Have I mentioned I want a total of 13 tattoos and 13 piercings?!?Yes, I know I have problems but hey, I'm not your average girl!! So don't forget to check back Wednesday next week for another blog post because I've actually got some in store!! Rock on and Rock out Rockstars!!!

Hey Rockstars!!! Yes, my last blog was just a little bit spastic but in due time you will soon understand it all..... But for now lets go ...

Glam of the Month: Ipsy June Bag

Hey Rockstars!!!

Yes, my last blog was just a little bit spastic but in due time you will soon understand it all..... But for now lets go play with some beauty stuff!!

So around late summer of last year some major names in the Youtube beauty game announced that they were going to be doing a monthly subscription of beauty items. Being a huge fan I of course subscribed to it despite being subbed to Birchbox and Glossy Box at the time. Since it was still in its infancy at the time I wasn't that impressed compared to what I was getting already with my other monthly subs and quickly unsubscribed after three months. After awhile, and I had stacks of sample size items that I wasn't going through quite fast enough, I cancelled all of my subscriptions all together. Yet come 2013 and it seemed not only had MyGlam changed it's name to IPSY but they'd stepped up their game all together!!After getting on the pesky waiting list and actually getting a few bags I was impressed enough to share!!!

At this point in time I'm pretty sure almost every girl who watches youtube or reads a blog knows what Ipsy is, considering it took a month and a half to get off of the waiting list, so I won't even get that far back into it. This month theme was pretty cute even for me considering I'm not the hugest fan of animal print, I think it was more of the lime green zipper and the fact that the bag closed on the side instead of the traditional top of the bag. But the goodies inside had me even more sold!!!!

When I first opened my bag the first thing I pulled out was the dry shampoo and seriously just looked at it for a good second. Being a girl of color, you don't hear much of girls like myself using a dry shampoo. But then I realized, this is so what I need for my straight hair stretches and oh boy was I right!!! This stuff was awesome for me!! I used a little on my roots and brushed it out and was able to style my hair like it was still the first few days of my hair being straight instead of coming up on a week and two days!!

As for all the make up's summer and I need a nice cream blush, which is what my NYX item is and I love the color on my skin tone. Just a fresh pink that is great for a natural light summer look. The purple gel eyeliner is also great considering I love to switch things up!!! I love how smooth it glides on and it's staying power so far (just from testing on the back of my hand, I'll keep updated about it!) The lip color I received I'm still playing with a good way to use it considering I either wear nothing on my lips or a bright red, but I'm sure once I find some other glosses and lipsticks to play with I'll figure something out. Now the glitter... who doesn't love glitter (other than cleaning of course -_-)!! It's perfect for just about anything your mind can think of!!! Plus the card that comes with the bag has some great discount codes on it for things like 15% off and more!!!

So if your wondering if all the hype over the revamped formally MyGlam and now Ipsy is worth the short waiting list...the answer is FREAKIN YES!!! 10$ a month is perfect if you just want some new stuff to play with and test out with out wasting a whole bunch of money. Go sign up now while the wait list is gone!!!!

Now I'm off to do some personal torturing ( bought and at home waxing kit and I don't see it ending all that well), as well as plan for watching a friend of mine go under the needle for another tattoo and continue to debate another piercing for myself!!! See you soon Rockers!!! Rock on and Rock out!! (pray for me!!!)

Heyllo my awesome Rockers!!!! Long time blah blah blah!!!! Not even going to get into that just gonna say WHATS UP !!! I MISSED YOU!!!!!!!...

Just Another Mani Monday

Heyllo my awesome Rockers!!!!

Long time blah blah blah!!!! Not even going to get into that just gonna say WHATS UP !!! I MISSED YOU!!!!!!!

So anyways as you can see there has been quite a few changes to the blog as of recent, and not to mention my never seeming adventure of a life (but thats for another blog!!!), and as we speak I'm still in the process of revamping and adding things to it and changing it a little more each day!! So if you have any ideas, tips, or tricks don't hesitate to send them my way!! I'd greatly appreciate them!!!

Now on to the post!! It's Monday world!!! And we all know how much we love Mondays....or pretend to! Mondays do bring good things though! Like Mani Mondays!!!! I didn't do my nails today since I did them Friday night but that doesn't mean I can't show you them!!!!

So a few months back when I was skimming through post on Facebook (because thats all I honestly do on it anymore) I saw a picture of someones nails and thought they were freakin AWESOME!!!! Since I was on my phone I took a screen shot and forgot bout it for months... So when I was cleaning out my phone not to long ago I stumbled across it again and couldn't wait to try it out with NO NAIL TOOLS!!!

How do you do this you ask?!?! Actually it's pretty simple. All you need is 2 nail polish colors, here I used Miliani's Black and Essie's In the Cab-ana. You also need something to pour the nail polish onto and a tooth pick and bobby pin with the round tips. Paint your nails like you normally would, choosing one to be the "statement" or opposite finger. Now taking you statement color, place a small puddle onto your paper plate or whatever and using the end of the bobby pin make a few random sized dots in random spaces. When you feel you have enough of those switch to the tooth pick and do the same until you are satisfied with the outcome! For your statement color switch and pretty much do the same and thats it!!! Easy as pie......ummmm pie.... now I'm hungry!!!

Well thats it for this post Rockers I hope that you enjoyed this quickie and check back Wednesday for my Ipsy blog post!

Hello my rockers and rock friends!!! The time has come, the walrus said, to say good bye to February and hopefully all of the random days of...

Where are thou spring oh spring?!?!

Hello my rockers and rock friends!!! The time has come, the walrus said, to say good bye to February and hopefully all of the random days of cold, rain, slush, and snow it has brought!!! And yes, that walrus reference was totally an Alice in Wonderland line (if you've ever read the full stories!!) and was totally thrown in there thanks to my new late night insomnia obsession with the hot, sexy, quirky, and totally drool worthy actor Andrew Lee Potts for his role in the Syfy version of Alice as well as his role on the British television show Primeval!!! Just something about him totally gives me the tingles and smiles.... BUT that's totally not what this blog is about!!! On to the grown up if!!

If you remember I had a giveaway last month and a winner has been chosen!!! Congrats to Thi Lan all the way in Germany!!! Go check out her blog cause I'm totally hooked on her fashion sense and WISH I had the courage to rock those killer heels!!

Now, despite this past month being super cold, with it's bi polar days of a wonderful sixty degrees followed fast on the heels by a day of that evil white stuff from the sky known as snow, this month was pretty full of fun and awesome things!!I've found a few new blogs that I love to follow and read (of course in-between work, school, and entertaining Rotten R who will be in upcoming blog post!!) and can't wait to share with you. Also had a pretty awesome Valentines day celebrated with "Mommy's friend" as Rotten R likes call him and her of course!!! Plus my best-friend drove up to spend the weekend catching up with me and my pint sized demon in pig tails!! And did I mention all the new cool awesome goodies I picked up through out the month?!?! No? Really? How silly of me!! Here they are!!!

Sometime around the beginning of the month M.A.C released not only a new collection, but stuff I was interested in considering I haven't wanted anything since 2011!!! So I totally caved and had to check out the Archie Collection and grab something!!! I picked up the Pearlmatte face powder in Flatter Me and a Lustre lipstick in Oh, Oh, Oh!! Lighting was kinda crap so here's the pretty pretty packaging!! And yes 50% of the reason I bought this was because I loved the packaging!!!

Now everyone has an addiction and one of mine is reading!! I love books and own more than what I know what to do with! I'm serious!! I need a new bookshelf but I'm holding off for the time being!! Soon you'll learn why!! As for these two, I've been eying The Modern Mom's Memory Journal just because the idea and concept is sooo awesome!!! Basically it makes you take note of totally random and off the wall mom things that end of the long crazy day just make you smile!! As for the Don't Sweet the Small Stuff for Mom's I've also been eying it for awhile and saw it at Barnes and Noble on Valentines Day, where part of "our" date was spent so that Rotten could run off some energy! I only had a coupon for one book so I passed on it and got Demon one instead!! Luckily the next day TJMaxx had it for 3$!!!As an additional gift "mommy's friend" got it for me!!

Did I mention I have a tiny itty bitty addiction to books ?!?! No? Well, yes I do!! I saw ThatsHeart post about them on her blog so of course I had to go check them out for myself!!! Since I've decided to get back into writing more these were AMAZING to find!! I have another notebook to go with one of my other obsessions but I'll save it for another blog post. And those little Thank You cards are awesome to give random notes of affection and just to make someone smile!!

I think by total accident I've picked my "bright" color for the spring and summer since my go to color is forever and always will be black!!! Some how mint just is amazing to me!! Cute and simple with out being...overly girly I guess!! I'm not a fan of pink much at all(don't even buy it for Rotten R unless its hot pink mixed with black and has some type of skulls on it!!) But what I love even more about this scarf is the fact the pattern isn't just paint sploshes, as I though at first, it's actually skulls!!! How freaking awesome is that?!?! Here's an upclose of it!!
So as you can see, February was pretty darn awesome to me! Though I'm sad to see it go I'm looking forward to March, St. Patrick's day, the first of spring and all the fun and adventures I can get myself into!!! Thank you my awesome rockers and I hope February was just as great to you! If it wasn't just keep smiling and remember, you always need a bit of rain to make a rainbow ;) Cheesy, I know but hey, with St. Patty's coming up you never know whats on the end of that rainbow!!Rock On, Rock out and check back to see whats in store next!!!

Hey my awesome rocketeers!!! If you haven't noticed I haven't made an announcement about who won the give away simply because ...IT&...

And it Goes On and On and On ...

Hey my awesome rocketeers!!! If you haven't noticed I haven't made an announcement about who won the give away simply because ...IT'S EXTENDED UNTIL FEBRUARY 1st!!!!!!! Yeahh!!!!

By extending it I'm trying to give more people more time to enter the giveaway because I'm sure like myself we are sidetracked with this crazy winter weather, school, work, and that ever so excited crazy thing called life!!! So please go check out the previous post to See the rules to enter and win!!! Don't forget to pass on the word to a friend and Rock Out you sparkly people!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR MY AWESOMELY FANTASTIC ROCKSTARS!!!! Yeah I know it’s almost the second week into the New year and basically about six m...

NEW YEAR, NEW ME,NEW GOALS...oh look a giveaway!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR MY AWESOMELY FANTASTIC ROCKSTARS!!!! Yeah I know it’s almost the second week into the New year and basically about six months since my last post. Precious has been a bad girl she has!! Very bad girl!!!(Just watched The Hobbit last night!!! A very good movie surprisingly for me considering I still have not sat down and actually watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy!!) But honestly this so called thing we know as life decided it was going to rain down a thunderstorm of trials, tribulations, shitake mushrooms, fig newton’s, lemons and limes, and stale candy corns on my little struggle!! And yet I PREVIELED!!!..... Okay enough of the craziness!! Honestly a lot did happen last year that kept me EXTREMELY preoccupied. Little things like major issues at my job that caused me to quit and find a new, not as well paying  or hour giving job, big big things like Toddler R falling from the kitchen chair and fracturing her wrist, spending a month in a cast up to her arm pit that she proceeded to beat the mess out of me with in her sleep -_- And of course the cup of de soup, my poor car which had seen me though my pregnancy, my water breaking, driving me and my now  rotten but then extremely sweet new born cross country from Texas to where  I am now ( a three day thing may I add!!) finally passed away :( Even though a lot of people were just saying “Oh get over it, it was such an old car and needed to go” it was an extremely saddening experience and extremely stressful considering I didn’t have the means to just run out and by another car and now had to depend on other. Which of course did not make me very fun to blog about, or give me the time to for that matter.
But thankfully now it’s a new year and I’ve set small goals and I’m slowly reaching each and every one of them!! Of course one of those main goals is of course to start blogging more and maybe possibly even start a corresponding YouTube channel!!!!Yes, I’m still a part time student and plan on switching to a full time student in the fall AFTER a few other major plans that yes include a new car!!!! But in the meantime let’s keep this short and sweet!! To celebrate a new year and a new series of blogs to come its time for a little giveaway!!!! The rules are very very simple!!! Follow and comment on the blog something you’d like to see!!! If you like, tell your friends and they can tell their friends!!! The more the merrier!!! And considering I’ve got an OVERLOAD of things since I’ve finally decided to stop hoarding stuff and buying it because it looks pretty  I’m going to be giving it away!!!! Make up, clothing and purses and whatever my busy little mind can come up with!!! So here’s the give away!!!!!

First Item is a bracelet from BCBG.

Second Item(s) Bronzer set including 2 illuminating bronzers, a matte bronzer and a shimmery bronze eyeshadow.

1.    Must be subscribed to my blog!! (duh!! )
2.    Must be 18 or older OR have parents permission to enter.
3.    In the comments of this blog post tell me what kind of blogs and videos you would like to see.
4.    Smile and have a rockin day!!!


           As you can see their will be two winners and this giveaway is open for one week January 13, 2013 until January 20, 2013!!! Have fun and don't forget to rock out!!

Hello, Hello, Hello my awesome and wonderful Rockstars!!!!How have you all been?!?! Yes, I know I vanished for a long long long time. No I...

It's been a really really messed up ...Well Hello there!

Hello, Hello, Hello my awesome and wonderful Rockstars!!!!How have you all been?!?! Yes, I know I vanished for a long long long time. No I was not locked in a tower by some evil step witch who wanted my long gorgeous locks!! And sadly neither was I hiding on some exotic island with hot sweaty men, shining in tanning oil handing me drinks in coconut shells and changing dirty diapers……… And I’m back!!! Sorry went off to a nice little fantasy there!! But anyways I was saying, if you know medieval time and how they’d quarter people with horses… that was basically going on in my life but instead of four horses it felt like there was about twenty five horses for every free appendage!! Thankfully Bath and Body Works had their semiannual sale and I stocked up on ALL the stress relief products that I could!  !! Yeppie!!!NOW….enough of my daydreaming and trying to bum you out with my boring life and let’s get into this post!!!!
So slowly this week I’ve been trying to get back into my “swing of things” and forcing myself to actually wear some decent clothing and make an attempt with my overall appearance and below I will show you three of those attempts!! Don’t judge me!!! Lol Enjoy

So Tuesday the 10th I had some adult business that I had to take care so I wanted to dress pretty smart, and of course finally wear my Maxi dress from Forever21!! It's a basic black lace maxi dress with a "slip" underneath of the same color. Considering the weather was in the 90s I believe this kept me pretty cool and able to catch the occasion breeze!! The necklace is also from Forever 21 its just an arrow head with the fake blue stone on a brown cord of leather! When I went to my meeting I originally
 had a brown belt to accentuate my waist but this picture was taken after my nap :)

Wednesday I wanted to be a bit brighter since I'm known for hiding behind my blacks, grays and whites. So I paired this bright orange bat winged shirt I got at Ross a while back with some basic black shorts and my favorite sneakers from my last outfit post. Jewelry I kind of kept to a minimum with my BCBG black SINGLE bracelet and some home made black and orange stack able bracelets! 

And since Mini Me was coming with me to pick up W.I.C and get her bananas fix in I wanted her to match me a little bit!! She's wearing a Hello Kitty shirt she picked out at Target and a bright neon yellow skirt also from Target!! I L-O-V-E the skirt as much as she does and just think its prefect for little people her size!! Fun and bright just like her!!

Now for the last outfit! FRIDAY, FRIDAY, GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY!!! Yes, I listen too and like that song a lot!! But yeah Friday I had to take my sister to pick up her paycheck and just hang out for awhile since we don't get to lately which of course actually translates to = MALL TRIP!!!! Yet, amazingly neither of us really spent any money. The jeans I got at Wet Seal, and if you shop there often and haven't signed up for the 10% of discount card you are pretty crazy!!! The shirt is from Ross and is a crop top, off the shoulder BUT since I was bogged down by so much drama the past month and a half I stopped working out and didn't feel all that comfortable showing off my stomach and just wore a basic racer back black tank top underneath!. My earrings are from D.E.B.s and they came in a pack of 3 with a green and blue pair as well.!!

For my other jewelry I wore my BCBG pink TOUCH love bracelet and three homemade stack able bracelets with my silver chain that I basically never really take off.

Now this picture looks kind of deceiving. Like I'm the one that is poking her with the finger stick BUT in fact she was MAKING ME poke her with the finger stick!!! lol She really was!!

Thank you sooo much for checking out my blog you totally cool Rockstars!! And don't forget to check back this upcoming week for another awesome post, and intro to a new mini series of post I have in mind and of course a giveaway!! So until next time Rock Out!!!!oh and this last picture cause I love my little stinky!!! 

Have a great rest of the weekend!!!


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